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exploracion espacial

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Russia wants to install a nuclear power plant on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

China and Russia are making a big splash in space exploration, particularly Mars research. The Asian giant, in fact, already has an explorer vehicle traveling the Martian surface. Now, the Russians have expressed their desire to build a nuclear power plant on the planet as a way to ensure the presence of humans there. This innovative project has been proposed by a subsidiary of the Russian space agency Roscosmos. According to the state news agency Sputnik, the nuclear power plant would be destined to power a future Russian base on the Red Planet. Those behind this idea hope to use the same technology destined for Zeus, an interplanetary space tug project, to also power the nuclear reactor on the Martian surface. JPL-Caltech / NASARussia's Arsenals Design Bureau wants to use the tugboa...
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China will send androids to Mars before an inhabited base | Digital Trends Spanish

The director of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), Wang Xiaojun, revealed his country's plans for a future mission to Mars. The announcement was made at the Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2021), where a three-step plan for the Asian giant was revealed; this would include the construction of bases in addition to the dispatch of manned landing missions. What will this plan consist of? In the primary stage, or the technology readiness phase, androids will be launched targeting sample return and exploration of a base site on Mars. The next will be a manned mission to the Red Planet and a base will be built on its surface. Meanwhile, the third stage will consist of trying to move a large-scale Earth-Mars cargo fleet. According to the academy, the schedule for...
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This will be the lunar base that China and Russia want to build | Digital Trends Spanish

China and Russia have jointly presented their plans to reach the Moon. It is a kind of broken sheet of what missions both countries will carry out and which should result in the lifting of a permanent lunar base in 2035. The plan was presented during the GLEX congress on space exploration, where the agencies of the two nations have expressed their idea of ​​enabling a special enclosure for their astronauts to live on the Moon. The ambitious project is based on three phases, each with multiple collaborative missions between China and Russia, but it also gives the possibility to other nations that want to join this plan. The first phase of this project is the one that is being carried out now, with the study of the surface where the lunar base will be installed. The second is the constru...
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Incredible Design of a Space Airport in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

This is a good time to explore space. Technological advances, as well as a growing interest in knowing what lies beyond the borders of our planet, have encouraged space exploration in a way that did not happen several decades ago. Today, practically all of us have our eyes on what happens (or could happen) in space. Aware of this growing trend, an architectural firm in Japan has proposed an innovative and sophisticated Space Airport. Noiz Architects. This futuristic center designed for Tokyo Bay, would receive the name of Spaceport City, and would have four floors and characteristics similar to that of a conventional airport, except that it would have docking parts for rockets and more spacecraft. The space airport would be designed for commercial suborbital spacecraft taking off ...