Monday, September 20

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Facebook’s dating app will have audio chats | Digital Trends Spanish

The pandemic has reduced physical contact between human beings and, with it, the possibility of meeting new people, at least through traditional methods. For the same reason, in recent times, dating applications have become unexpectedly successful. One of the most popular is the Facebook dating app. Now the company has added new features to make it more useful for virtual encounters. One of the main novelties is the audio quotes, which will allow you to start an audio conversation between people who coincide within the platform. Thus, when the user wants to call another, they will receive an invitation. If accepted, both can speak. The application also presents two other novelties. One of them is called Coincidencias anywhere, with which you can configure up to two additional places...
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Facebook Dating lands in Spain after months of delay | Digital Trends Spanish

After months of postponement, Facebook announced the arrival in Europe, including Spain, Italy and Portugal, of Facebook Dating, its dating platform. The arrival in Europe of this platform, direct competition from the popular Tinder, was originally scheduled for February 2020, but due to regulatory restrictions it had to be postponed. According to figures from Mark Zuckerberg's company, since its launch, more than 1.5 billion (1.5 billion) matches have been registered in the 20 countries where the application is current. Facebook clarified that the application does not suggest current friends on the network as possible matches, nor does it notify them if they have joined Dating. In this way, the profile, the messages and who you like or who matches in Dating, will not appear in the...