Monday, September 20

Falklands War

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The elite SAS went back to their World War II roots on a daring 1980s mission to protect the British fleet

Almost 40 years ago, Argentina and Great Britain's long dispute over the Falkland Islands escalated. The Argentines invaded the South Atlantic islands and the British counterattacked. At the core of the British campaign were special-operations troops, who launched one of the largest SAS operations since World War II. LoadingSomething is loading. Almost 40 years ago, Argentin...
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Only 2 submarines have sunk warships in combat since World War II

Submarines were very proficient ship-killers during World War II, sinking thousands of vessels. But in the more than 70 years since that war, only two subs have sunk warships in combat. LoadingSomething is loading. Submarines were very proficient ship-killers in World War II.Nazi U-boats hit 3,474 Allied ships. Allied submarines in the Pacific sank 1,314 ships from Ja...