Monday, July 26


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White farmers blocked a much-needed federal relief program for Black farmers. The saga proved Black farmers won’t overcome racism unless they take their economic future into their own hands.

In a historical step to redress racism, the USDA was poised to issue $4 billion in debt relief to farmers of color. White farmers and banks pushed back, in an attempt to uphold the racist structures they've benefitted from for centuries. Black farmers won't overcome racism until they take the levers of finance into their own hands and forge their own financial institutions. This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the author. See more stories on Insider's business page. This month, in a historic step to redress racism, the United States Department of Agriculture planned to begin issuing...
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Subway accuses US pork producers of being involved in a price-fixing conspiracy, which it says led to inflated costs for more than a decade

Subway accused a group of US pork producers of conspiring to raise prices since 2009. Producers "unlawfully inflated pork costs for more than a decade," a Subway spokesperson said. Tyson, Hormel, and others were included as defendants in a lawsuit filed at the end of June. LoadingSomething is loading. ...