Monday, September 20

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The curious discovery of the fish with human teeth | Digital Trends Spanish

Recently, some people who were out on a fishing day in North Carolina came across a strange surprise: a fish whose teeth resemble those of a human. Not that this is a new discovery or anything like that. It is simply a sheep's head fish - its colloquial name - or a Archosargus probatocephalus -its scientific name-. Seen from the side, this fish is unremarkable and looks like any other marine life. But seen from the front, the situation is different thanks to its peculiar teeth. And this denture is necessary because sheep's head fish mainly feed on crustaceans, clams and oysters. Therefore, they need strong teeth (like those of a human) to crush these species. Sheephead fish is not extremely rare or anything like that. It is possible to find it in the Atlantic Ocean between Canada ...
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What is pandemic trash? A silent threat | Digital Trends Spanish

During the first weeks of the quarantine, many of us welcomed the unprecedented appearance of animals in urbanized places, the decreases in air pollution levels and the decrease in noise in cities. It seemed as if the planet was finally "taking a breather" with the large number of people confined to their homes. The truth is that this naive optimism seems to have been left behind and now a new ecological concern is emerging as a result of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. This is the large amount of waste generated during the pandemic and which, to a large extent, ends up polluting the oceans, affecting the increasingly vulnerable marine fauna. A plastic pandemic Different international organizations already speak of a true "plastic pandemic" in relation to t...