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16 stunning hotel bathrooms that are the best part of the room — all under $500

FAQ: The best hotel bathrooms What makes a great hotel bathroom?The best hotel bathrooms offers a brief escape from the world. That can translate as deep soaking tubs for a leisurely bath, a rainfall shower that feels like getting caught in a summer storm, or thoughtful design details, fixtures, and amenities, and, of course, good lighting. If you walk into a room and nod at the comfy looking bed, but gasp in awe at the bathroom, you know you're in for a good stay. After all, most of us spend 30 to 60 minutes a day ...
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The best shoe polishes to revitalize your leather footwear

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.Conditioner, shoe cream, and wax polish work hand-in-hand to keep leather footwear looking its best. Don't skimp on your leather-care routine if you want your shoes and boots to last. Think of these leather-care products as skincare for your shoes. I still vividly remember the time when a TSA agent told me I needed to shine my shoes as he watched them pass through the scanner at the airport. I was mortified. I'm notoriously hard on footwear, so keeping them looking their best is a constant battle. Thankfully, there are some great products out there to help in this Sisyphean effort. The three prod...
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8 incredible hotels in Costa Rica, from no frills cheap stays to villas with private plunge pools

FAQ: Costa Rica hotels What is the best area to stay in Costa Rica?Costa Rica is small — roughly the size of West Virginia — but it is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, with 12 different ecosystems. So whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here, including rainforests, beaches, mountains , even a bustling city.Where you go depends on what you're looking for on a vacation. If you are an adventurous traveler, consider the Northern Highlands, including Arenal Volcano National Park, Vulcano Tenorio Nation...
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I flew on JetBlue founder’s David Neeleman’s new airline and saw how it’s nothing like his old one — but it isn’t supposed to be

The inaugural flight of David Neeleman's Breeze Airways. Thomas Pallini/Insider Breeze Airways is the latest brainchild of JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman. The two airlines couldn't be any more different, however, despite having the same founder. Breeze's strategy is completely diffeent from JetBlue but still works even though it offers a different product. See more stories on Insider's business page. JetBlue Airways revolutionized air travel in the US when it launched in 2000, at the turn of the century. JetBlue Airways planes. Fred Prouser/Reuters Read More: JetBlue revolutionized low-cost travel when it first flew 20 years ago — here's how it beat the odds to become a major US airline  Seat-back television screens, complimentary snacks, and low fares ...
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Why is streaming obsessed with the end of the world? | Digital Trends Spanish

For some reason, the different platforms of streaming They considered that the pandemic was a good time to exploit the theme of the apocalypse and that viewers were eager to see films that made them think about the end of the world. Right now, when it has been proven that levels of anguish, stress and anxiety have skyrocketed among people due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. As a result, the genre, at some point fresh and original, has suffered obvious wear and tear. The problem is that the excessive supply by the platforms has not gone hand in hand with the development of more attractive proposals or more original stories. In these films, the most important thing seems to be how the conflict is shown, in the form and not in the background, and in this the visual effects a...
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From clip art to Comic Sans: These screenshots from 25 years ago show just how much the internet has changed

A report from Morgan Stanley analysts in 1996 predicted the prevalence of the internet. It said a person of intermediate web literacy was anyone who simply knew their own email address. From clip art to Comic Sans, screenshots show how different the internet looks 25 years later. See more stories on Insider's business page. Morgan Stanley tech analysts Mary Meeker and Chris DePuy knew the world was on the cusp of something big in 1996. They drafted a 323-page report expressing their high hopes for the internet, saying it could be "one of the hottest new markets to develop in years."Looking back on the repo...