Sunday, July 25


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Google Meet adds fun filters to compete with Zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Quarantines and measures taken to slow the advance of the pandemic have encouraged the use of video meetings and conversations. Thus, in recent months we have seen how the different applications that offer this service have gained popularity among users seeking to communicate in the midst of health restrictions. One of these platforms is Google Meet. The company has responded to those who criticized it for being "too serious" and limited compared to its competitors. Thus, from now on, Google has released an update for its application to make video calls much more pleasant and fun. Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS. Try it today → ...
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Snapchat removes its speed filter after several lawsuits | Digital Trends Spanish

Snapchat, the short video social network and forerunner of the face filter craze, has pulled one of the oldest and most controversial filters. It is a filter launched in 2013 and that uses the mobile's speed sensor to enable an acceleration meter in miles or kilometers per hour that is displayed on the screen. According to various reports, there were several accidents caused by drivers using the filter, prompting some affected families to sue Snapchat. According to NPR, the company announced in a statement that it has removed this feature "hardly used by Snapchatters." "And in light of that, we are going to eliminate it completely," he added. The company does not confirm at any time that the removal of the filter is related to the multiple lawsuits in which it has been involved. Also...