Friday, July 30

Financial Planners

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A financial planner shares 3 pieces of money advice clients never want to hear

Don Grant has been a financial planner for nearly 20 years, which means for nearly two decades he's been having tough talks with people about their money. "When I first meet with clients, I say, I'm often going to tell you things that you may not want to hear but I have to tell you," said Grant, who serves as an ambassador for the CFP Board. Grant shared with Insider the top three pieces of money advice his clients never want to hear. 1. You're not saving enoughGrant works with clients at various life stages, and those nearing retirement age aren't happy to hear that they can't leave their jobs as soon as they want. "I've had to bend a couple of people back to work for a couple...
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5 ways to start earning passive income with a $500 investment, according to financial pros

I want to earn more passive income, so I asked financial pros how to start with just $500. They suggested real-estate crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending sites. High-yield ETFs and mutual funds, as well as starting an online business, were other options. Read more stories on Personal Finance Insider. One of the biggest things I'm working on this year, when it comes to personal finances, is finding more ways to make passive income. Over the years, I've started to do this in a handful of different ways, from switching my cash over to a high-yield savings account to offering digital services through my business that bring in money without me having to do much...