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find my device

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How to use Find My, the app to locate your phone, friends and more | Digital Trends Spanish

You may not have borrowed much on this feature on your Apple phone, but there might come a time when knowing how to use Find My will prove invaluable in finding devices you can't find (and it helps you locate your friends, too!). You will be interested in: Here's how to use Find My Start Settings and select your Apple ID. Choose Findy My and open it. To view your device when it's offline, enable the Offline Search. To have your device's location sent to Apple when the battery is low, turn on Send last location. If your Apple Watch and AirPods are paired with your device, they are automatically configured when you enable Find My. How to find your iPhone or other Apple device The main objective of Find My is to help locate the iPhone, iPad and watches that you have lost, misplaced or st...
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How to easily track and find your Android phone or device | Digital Trends Spanish

Losing your mobile device, especially a smartphone, can be a real nightmare. This is because our devices contain most of our private information and potentially sensitive data which, if lost or stolen, could have disastrous consequences. If you use an Android device, there are tools you can use and steps you can take to find it, whether you've lost it or been the victim of theft. What we give you below are some useful resources that you can use, as long as your phone is turned on and connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi. We strongly advise against using phone trackers to track people or for any other illegal purpose. Find My Device The application Find My Device Google's (Find My Device) is a must have for Android users, as well as being one of our favorite Androi...