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The Best Swimming Fitbits You Can Buy Today | Digital Trends Spanish

If you love swimming and water-related activities, it is important to have a fitness watch that can meet your needs without damage. Fitbit offers devices that are highly compatible with swimming, but it can be difficult to identify them among the many, many pieces of equipment that this brand sells. To make your decision easier, we prepare a list of the best Fitbits for swimming. You will be interested in: The best Fitbits for swimming Fitbit Sense The Sense is one of the most advanced Fitbits available, so it's no surprise that it's a waterproof swim device, although that's just the beginning of what this model can do. It also includes sensors that can scan electrodermal activity and monitor skin temperature, which can help gain insight into sleep cycles as well as manage stress. ...
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Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Fitbit Sense: which is the best sports watch? | Digital Trends Spanish

Sports watches are advancing and adding more and more specifications. The Galaxy Watch 4 is the version that rivals the Fitbit Sense in this section, although the smartwatch Samsung for the first time includes Android Wear OS, Google's open-system operating system that was once popular thanks to watches like the Moto 360. The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in 40 and 44mm sizes, and versions with and without LTE connectivity; the cheapest is priced at $ 249.99. For its part, the Fitbit Sense only has a one-size model that costs $ 299.99 and does not include a mobile connection. Design The Galaxy Watch 4 maintains the sporty design of the Active series, which Samsung renamed in 2021 with this device. That means that the watch maintains its circular design and has two physical buttons that allo...
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Fitbit Sense Review: a step forward in smartwatches | Digital Trends Spanish

Fitbit Sense review: a step forward in smartwatches "The Fitbit Sense does represent a step forward in smartwatches, or at least in relation to what the brand has presented so far. Any type of user will find an answer to their physical activity needs in this gadget. " Sleek and modern design Soft touch straps Up to six days of autonomy Intuitive interface Not so affordable price After the free trial period, you must pay for Fitbit Premium Only up to five clock faces can be added at a time As I mentioned earlier, the Fitbit Sen...
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Wellness Boost: First Impressions of the Fitbit Sense | Digital Trends Spanish

The Fitbit Sense, presented internationally last August 2020, was officially launched in Mexico. Ricardo Martiarena, Latin America Sales Manager at the company, indicated that the smart watch makes sense in the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. He smartwatchIn addition to having the firm's advanced physical activity monitoring functions, it also comes with an EDA scanner, whose purpose is to know the user's response to stress. Before the first impressions of the gadgetIt is pertinent to say that it can already be purchased in Mexico, for a price of $ 9,499 pesos. Elegant and modern Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish The Fitbit Sense is one of those smartwatches that conquer at first sight. Once I unpacked it, my first reaction was to place it on ...
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Fitbit surprises with smart watch that monitors stress | Digital Trends Spanish

With the ability to perform electrocardiograms and monitor stress, the US manufacturer of wearable technology Fitbit announced this August 25 its three new smartwatches. The devices, which maintain the firm's focus on wellness-focused watches, are spearheaded by the Fitbit Sense. Described as the "company's most advanced health smartwatch," it comes equipped with the world's first electrodermal activity sensor (EDA) in a smartwatch to help monitor stress. According to the firm, the EDA sensor helps to understand the body's response to stressors. Through an application, it calculates how you respond to stressful situations, based on heart rate, sleep, and activity data. The results are combined with recommendations, such as breathing exercises and other tools. Additionally, the Fit...