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Formula 1

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This is the new Formula One car for 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

A year late courtesy of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Formula One championship organization has revealed the new car F1 2022, which is shaping up to be the year in which all the lessons that Formula One has learned in the last decade are finally crystallized, turning the current contest into a transitional championship and without surprises. The current season is running with rules established in 2014. The new Formula One car design for 2022 accumulates the results of years of research and development in which safety, but also the excitement of close races in which cars are closely followed, were among its objectives. This is what the new design will bring to the 2022 Formula One world championship. More excitement and more passes than the current car allows Today's F1 cars lose 35...
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The best series and documentaries about sports | Digital Trends Spanish

Productions that address sports issues are almost always worth seeing, particularly because they tell stories that are often inspiring. And where to start? Here we leave you some of the best series and documentaries about sports that you can enjoy right now. As the offer is wide, we will update this guide so that you will always find content that catches you, regardless of which is your favorite athlete or the team you love. Antoine Griezmann, the talented player who has not been without controversy in his professional career, is portrayed in this documentary film of just 60 minutes. The premise of the production is simple: despite having a stature that does not meet the standards of the football field, Griezmann became one of the best footballers on the planet and world champ...
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With AI: they choose the fastest driver in F1 history | Digital Trends Spanish

The discussion is and will be eternal. Who was the best soccer player in history? Pele or Maradona? And what about Messi? In motorsports it is also not clear who occupies Olympus. And opinions are also divided when it comes to the fastest driver in Formula 1. But as this year marks 70 years of the most important competition in world motorsports, Amazon Web Services (AWS) wanted to put an end to that dilemma and , by combining algorithms, discovered who was the fastest, reported Motorsport Technology. Using artificial intelligence, AWS logged data from all drivers, from 1983 to date, in their respective qualifying sessions with their teammates. This is to eliminate the automobile factor from the equation. The results confirmed what was evident to many Formula 1 fans...