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How to transfer photos from iPhone to Android | Digital Trends Spanish

Sharing photos is something we all do, regardless of whether our phone is Apple or Android. However, it can be quite a challenge when it comes to transferring photos from iPhone to Android. Although it is complex, it is not impossible. We show you how it's done in iOS 14.6. You will be interested in: Reconcile formats between platforms While JPEG and H.264 are universal photo and video formats, since iOS 1 Apple uses HEIF (high-efficiency image file format) and HEVC (high-efficiency video encoding), two much more compressed formats. Some Android devices may have trouble translating them, but we can avoid it. How? Changing formats on iPhone to record JPEG still images and H.264 video instead of newer formats. To change the format go on your iPhone to Settings> Camera> Formats and...
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ClipDrop takes the classic “cut and paste” to another level | Digital Trends Spanish

ClipDrop can become an important and useful tool for designers or anyone who has to work with Photoshop. This innovative application allows you to capture and cut real objects from the environment and paste them into desktop applications, quickly and easily through your smartphone. It is a kind of change with respect to what augmented reality allows, particularly that of projecting digital images in the world around us. In May 2020, it was presented by its creator Cyril Diagne, a French designer, through a video that he published on his social networks and that added more than five million views. Aaand here it is .. !!! ???? After months of hard work with @jblanchefr, @ClipDropApp beta (AR Copy Paste) is now publicly available on #Android, #iOS, #macOS, and #Windows ???? https:/...
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Learn how to factory reset the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus | Digital Trends Spanish

Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus is a great idea if you want to speed up your device to make it like new, especially if it is time to sell it to acquire a more recent model. After all, it's so easy to download apps left and right, leaving your phone heavier than a third-generation iPhone… Fortunately, restoring the Galaxy S8 is easier than you think. However, before doing so, you should be aware that this process will erase your apps and files, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information, but Samsung's backup programs and cloud storage features will make recovering all that is relatively easy. Alternatively, if you are selling your Galaxy S8 and you want to make sure personal information doesn't get into unknown hands, a factory...
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We explain how to add music to Instagram videos | Digital Trends Spanish

Instagram is a whole science. It's not just about uploading a photo and sitting down to get the "likes"; If you want to be successful on this social network, you must keep your wall up to date, use the correct hashtags and even know the best time to post your posts. But there are more secrets that can help you be the best. For example? You can learn how to add music to Instagram videos; It is not difficult and you will attract attention. In case you didn't know, Instagram Stories allow you to add your favorite songs to a video or photo directly from the application. While you'll have to rely on a third-party app to add music to actual posts, we've found several that do - and very well - this job. From Drake to Tame Impala, now you can turn your Instagram accoun...
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Where to download Photoshop for free: explained step by step | Digital Trends Spanish

The first thing everyone thinks of when talking about photo editing is Photoshop. It doesn't matter if it's a veteran photographer, a designer, or your cousin who loves photography - the number one editing program on the market can be used by everyone. You just need a little practice to get to take advantage of all the capabilities that this application offers. The problem is money? Don't worry - we'll tell you where to download Photoshop for free and legally. If you prefer, you can choose to use other free photo editing software available online or search for the best photo editing apps for iOS or Android if you want to work on mobile devices. Although for best results, you will likely choose to work in front of a large monitor for photo editing. Download your fr...