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France’s millionaire fine to Google for copyright | Digital Trends Spanish

In accordance with Reuters, France's antitrust body imposed a $ 593 million fine on Google for failing to comply with the regulator's orders on how to conduct talks with the nation's news publishers in a copyright dispute. This fine comes amid increasing international pressure on online platforms, such as Google and Facebook, to share more revenue with the media. Thus, the technology company must present in the next two months proposals on how to compensate news agencies and other publishers for the use of its news. Google claimed to be very disappointed with the sanction, but would comply with it. “Our goal remains the same: we want to turn the page with a definitive agreement. We will take into account the comments of the French Competition Authority and adapt our offers ”, explained...
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Meet the new French electric Hopium Machina 2025 | Digital Trends Spanish

If you've never heard of Hopium Don't feel bad, this new French automaker was barely established in 2019, and it wasn't until October 2020 that it announced its intention to produce a high-development electric luxury sedan powered by a hydrogen cell. Just eight months after that announcement, Hopium shows us the first images of the MachinaA beautiful, sleek, sports-inspired sedan you hope to break into the fledgling market for power-cell vehicles. Hopium estimates that the Machina will be capable of more than 500 horsepower, and will be able to offer a range of more than 1,000 km (620 miles) with its two full liquid hydrogen tanks. The brand claims to have carried out fuel cell validation tests, both on the track and on a test bench, on the first prototype made of the Machina, which it ...
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This planetarium with 10K technology was a war bunker | Digital Trends Spanish

The historical memory center La Coupole Planetarium, a former World War II bunker, announced that its planetarium will offer visitors the possibility of traveling through the universe through a 360-degree environment thanks to Sony's VPL-GTZ380 resolution projectors. Thus, the venue becomes the world's first 3D 10K planetarium. La Coupole is a huge bunker complex near Saint Omer in France that was built by the Nazis to launch V-2 rockets aimed at London during World War II. Now a new digital system has been installed in the museum's planetarium and RSA Cosmos has taken it upon themselves to improve the quality of the 3D immersive experience. From the enclosure they assure that it is the first in the world to offer 10K 3D images in the meridian. Thus, visitors are promised "ultra-realis...
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France discovers new mutant strains of coronavirus | Digital Trends Spanish

The information we have regarding the coronavirus changes constantly, or is updated. This is what happens when we face a severe health threat that has surprised the world with a low level of preparedness. The result is hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of infected, which increase every day. One of the latest information comes from France, a country that has announced the discovery of mutant strains of COVID-19, which would be more contagious, but less serious, according to an article published in the New York Post. This would explain the significant increase in cases that Europe has experienced in recent days. Getty Images / Digital Trends Graphic The information would have been provided by the director of the IHU Méditerranée Infection institute in Marseill...