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Star Wars: Visions, the anime anthology presents its teaser | Digital Trends Spanish

Star Wars is one of the most popular franchises in science fiction cinema. For this reason, he drew attention when, at the end of last year, Disney announced Star Wars: Visions, animated production that would be carried out by several Japanese creators. According to what was pointed out by the studio at the time, this new work seeks to capture the essence of the influence of anime, but that was all that was known in December. Months later, we finally have a new preview. In the framework of the Anime Expo Lite 2021, Lucasfilm provided more details about this production, along with revealing some images through a short teaser. Lucasfilm.In just over three minutes, the record shows several images and scenes from the different installments that will give life to this new bet of the franch...
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What if George Lucas had directed the last Star Wars? | Digital Trends Spanish

The new Star Wars trilogy could have been very different from being directed by George Lucas. In fact, in these latest films starring Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley, very different characters could have been seen. Fortunately, now we can know what were the plans that the iconic director had for the call Skywalker Saga, before leaving the saga in the hands of Disney. An excerpt from the book was recently released The Star Wars Archives 1999-2005 which presents a better overview of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. In the text, which has not yet been officially published, it is proposed that Lucas intended Leia to be the protagonist of the new films, although in these same installments Luke would also have played a key role. Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and George Lucas. Disney Meanwhile, as ...
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Why can’t The Mandalorian take off his helmet? | Digital Trends Spanish

The Mandalorian It is one of the most successful series of the moment. The production that is part of the Disney Plus catalog has managed to captivate loyal fans of the Star Wars universe, in addition to gaining a significant number of new fans. In addition to its compelling story, one of the aspects that most caught our attention since its launch is the presence of a main character, played by Pedro Pascal, whose face we could hardly ever see. This is because Din Djarin, or Mando, wears a helmet for most of the series, in fact, he rarely takes it off; This has fueled a number of theories among fans, especially since in other installments of the franchise, the Mandalorians did reveal their faces. In one of the first episodes of the previous season, Pascal's own character points ou...
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Star Wars: The High Republic presents its villains | Digital Trends Spanish

Little by little, loyal Star Wars fans have learned some of the details of Star Wars: The High Republic, the new era to which the franchise will enter and that will have comics and novels that will be developed during 2021. A few days ago we met the Padawans who will be part of The High Republic, and now it was the villains' turn. These characters are a mixture of monsters and marauders, a new, completely different set that the Jedi must face in their new adventures. Star wars From Lucasfilm they have explained that when creating these villains they had to answer the question of what scares the Jedi the most. “It's a really funny question but extraordinarily difficult to answer. The five authors, as well as the history group and the editing teams, thought about what would scare th...
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Fast and Furious comes to an end: the ranking of its films | Digital Trends Spanish

Universal Pictures would have decided to put an end to the successful saga of Fast and Furious, as reported by the sites Deadline Y The Hollywood Reporter. The one in charge of lowering the curtain on the eternal franchise will be Fast and furious 11, although this film will be divided into two installments: 10 and 11. It is still unknown when the production of both works will begin, what is known is that it will be in charge of Justin Lin, who has already directed some of the films in the same saga. The agenda of both films will be conditioned by what happens with the pandemic. In fact, for May 2020 the premiere of Fast and furious 9, but it was postponed to May 2021. Indeed, Universal had already postponed for the same reason No time to die by April 2021. Anyway, the franchise h...