Friday, July 30

Free Speech

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Giant inflatable rats used by labor unions are constitutionally protected free speech, labor board rules

"Scabby the Rat" was first used by labor unions in 1990. The inflatable rat ranges in size from 12 feet to 25 feet. The Trump administration had argued its "red eyes, fangs, and claws" constituted an illegal threat. LoadingSomething is loading. Labor unions have a constitutionally protected right to protest using giant inflatable rodents, a fed...
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ law punishing student’indoctrination’ is a’disgraceful’ assault on academic freedom, free speech experts warn

DeSantis signed a law mandating public universities survey students and faculty on their political beliefs. Scholars and advocates said the law is "disgraceful" and could lead to bizarre classroom instruction. For instance, "intellectual diversity" could be used to mandate professors teach creationism alongside the science of evolution. LoadingSomething is loading. ...