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How to change the font of your Instagram bio | Digital Trends Spanish

You may have noticed that when you edit your profile on Instagram, the box for your biography does not offer options to format your design. So how have other users done to have striking texts in this section? We will explain to you how to change the font of your Instagram bio in simple steps. You will be interested in: The trick is not complex at all. You only need to access third-party platforms, write the text you want to include, choose the font and take it to Instagram. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the limit is 150 characters, including spaces. GettyimagesNext we will explain how to use two alternatives that will allow your biography to be more attractive to your followers. Lingojam Lingojam is a simple character generator that allows you to "create fonts" for ...
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The best font apps for iPhone and iPad | Digital Trends Spanish

Designers, teachers, artists, presenters, and other professionals engaged in creative projects were delighted when iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 made it easy to use custom fonts for iPhone and iPad. This feature, also available in the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, lets you install custom fonts in the TrueType Font (TTF), OpenType Font (OTF), or TrueType Collection (TTC) formats, freeing you from the restrictions of built-in fonts. Apple and making it easier for creators to offer their best image in posters, posters, reports and other types of exhibitions and texts. You can install custom fonts and apply them to compatible apps on your Apple mobile devices. To control these new fonts or use your iPad as a creative workstation, you have to work directly through the app with which you are using ...
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We explain how to install fonts in Windows 10 | Digital Trends Spanish

There is no one who does not identify the standard fonts that Windows offers, from the classic Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri to the controversial Comic Sans. You know them too, you used them in school and they continue to be part of your work life today. However, in life you need variety and on the web there are thousands of designs available; you just have to know how to install fonts in Windows 10. Before installing fonts in Windows 10, make sure the use is restricted for personal or commercial purposes. In addition to this process, we will explain how to remove unwanted fonts — possibly annoying — and restore the default font selection, if necessary. How to install fonts in Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store The easiest method of installing fonts is through...
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We explain how to install third-party fonts in iOS 13 | Digital Trends Spanish

With the latest versions of iOS, Apple reimagined the way you can install and use custom fonts on your iPhone or iPad: In previous versions of the mobile OS you could download and use non-system fonts on your device, but the process was complex and limited. In iOS 13, Apple has made downloading and switching fonts a more integrated experience, although even now that capacity is limited to some Apple applications such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Here's how you can install third-party fonts in iOS 13. In iOS 13 you can install custom fonts by first downloading specific font apps from the App Store and managing them in Settings. To control those sources, you must use the application in question. Managing fonts in iOS 13 Although you can't use all third-party fonts ...