Monday, September 20

Gen 6

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The new Fossil smartwatch arrives somewhat outdated | Digital Trends Spanish

Smartwatch brand Fossil announced its new line of smartwatches, called Gen6 Touchscreen. And the most striking feature, at the time of the announcement, is that these watches will have relatively outdated software, at least until next year. This happens because the Fossil Gen 6 come with Wear OS 2, Google's operating system that was released towards the end of 2020. However, Wear OS 3 already exists and without going any further, the new watches that Samsung introduced recently - the Galaxy Watch 4– arrive with Wear OS plus Samsung's own personalization layer. The trouble for these Fossil computers is that, beyond their renewed technical characteristics, they will work on an outdated operating system. In terms of specifications, the new Fossil watches arrive with 416 x 416 pixel resolu...