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General Motors sues Ford over its’BlueCruise’ self-driving branding, saying it’s too similar to GM’s’Cruise’ and’Super Cruise’

General Motors sued Ford for trademark infringement over its "BlueCruise" self-driving tech. "Ford knew exactly what it was doing" when it used a brand name similar to GM's "Cruise," GM said. Ford said the term "cruise control" has been widely used for decades, Reuters reported. LoadingSomething is loading. General Motors on Friday filed a laws...
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General Motors has warned some Chevrolet Bolt EV owners not to park the cars indoors or charge them unattended after two caught fire

GM has told some Chevrolet Bolt EV owners to park their vehicles outside immediately after charging. The automaker said it had been "notified of two recent Chevrolet Bolt EV fire incidents." GM recalled more than 50,000 Bolt EVs in November after reports of battery fires. See more stories on Insider's business page. General Motors (GM) has told some owners of its 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV to avoid parking them indoors or charging them unattended after receiving reports of two fires.The company updated a recall notice on Wednesday to ask affected owners "to park their vehicles outdoors immediately after charging and not leave thei...
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GM introduced the new platform for its electric cars | Digital Trends Spanish

In a new leap towards its promised "one hundred percent electric future", General Motors presented this Wednesday the new "Ultium Drive" platform, composed of five interchangeable transmission units and three engines. The company expects these motors to deliver industry-leading torque and power density, in a clear step to displace Tesla's electrical systems. “Building engines, transmissions, components and drive systems are among GM's best-known competencies, and our manufacturing expertise is proving not only transferable but also advantageous as we transition to electric vehicles,” said Ken Morris. , GM vice president of autonomous and electric vehicle programs at a release. The Ultium platform is designed to be flexible and multifaceted, aiming to prop up a variety o...
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GM seeks to humanize mobility with the Cadillac Lyriq | Digital Trends Spanish

On the occasion of the presentation of the Lyriq Concept, Cadillac's first electric car, Digital Trends in Spanish spoke exclusively to Bill thompson, Manager of the User Interface Department at General Motors. "Whose idea was it to make that 33-inch screen across the instrument panel?" Was it a collaboration? "When you're looking at the board you have to be looking down or to the side." So the idea for a single high-resolution display was a collaboration between design, engineering, and user interface to fix this and make everything at eye level, so users aren't looking everywhere in the cabin at looking for the information they need. "Could we talk about the new features exhibited by the Lyriq? Something described as a "holographic screen" is striking ... "With this new tech...
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Hummer returns electric and with truck and SUV versions | Digital Trends Spanish

We have already mentioned the electrification plans that General Motors is developing for its different models. Now it is the turn of the GMC brand, which returns with a new generation of the Hummer, but with electric mode. The Hummer EV debut was supposed to take place on May 20, 2020, but the coronavirus said otherwise. The official presentation date is not yet confirmed, but this Wednesday, July 29, GM promised that the electric Hummer would see the light in the fall U.S. It also released a video where, in addition to displaying the design and production process of the new vehicle, two side silhouettes are revealed: one with a variant pick-up and another with a large SUV body. In the truck, the angle of the rear window is striking, which seems to have a greater slo...