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55 years of Ultraman, Japan’s most famous superhero | Digital Trends Spanish

The first episode of the series Ultraman it aired on July 17, 1966 on Japanese television. And, since that time, the franchise and its alien protagonist have become great icons of pop culture and representatives of various film genres in Japan. Although the series premiered that day, the character was announced a week earlier on TV. On July 10, 1966 it was intended to transmit the program Ultra Q, but for reasons of "force majeure", it could not go on the air. So, to replace that segment, what they did was broadcast a special to introduce the new "Japanese superhero": Ultraman. Its creator, Eiji Tsuburaya, had previously worked as a special effects director at Godzilla (1954). Then, in 1963, he founded his own studio called Tsuburaya Productions, with which he developed Ultra Q, Ult...
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This wasp is named in tribute to Godzilla | Digital Trends Spanish

Usually, cinema and art in general take elements of nature as inspiration. Sometimes the opposite also happens, and it is nature that borrows certain references that are typical of cinema and television. This is the case of the first microgastrin parasitic wasp that a group of researchers found in Japan and which has received the name of Microgaster Godzilla in homage to the popular science fiction monster from that same country. The scientists were able to record this wasp while it was submerged in the water for a few seconds (this is one of its main characteristics), to attack a caterpillar and lay its eggs inside. In some cases, the authors explain, the wasp is able to stay underwater for several seconds to find and remove the caterpillar from its shell. Researchers have explai...
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This will be the spectacular museum dedicated to Godzilla in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

In 1954, the Toho studios in Japan invented a monster that would become an icon of Japanese popular culture and later gain world fame: Godzilla. Supposedly the nuclear radiation on the island of Odo turned him into a ferocious creature and that he became a feared adversary for other mythological monsters like King Kong. The truth is that to celebrate his existence, in Hyogo prefecture they are building a museum that will honor him. The museum is the newest attraction in the anime park Nijigen no Mori of Awaji Island, known as "Godzilla Geigeki Sakusen". The show is not finished yet, and therefore it is not open to the public either, however, there are already some dioramas of classic scenes from the creature's films, as well as costumes and exclusive material used in th...