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How to use Google Docs to get the most out of it | Digital Trends Spanish

Don't be discouraged - if you've been putting off switching to Google Docs because you're overwhelmed by all the new features you need to learn in an unfamiliar document editing interface, you can get started by following the simple steps we share in this guide; You will see that learning how to use Google Docs was not as complicated as you thought. You will be interested in: Step 1: set up your Google account To use Google Docs, the first thing you must do is create a Google account. It is important that you keep in mind that this registration is completely free and not only gives you access to Google Docs, but also to Gmail, Google maps Y Youtubeas well as the entire Drive package. To create a Google account, go to the registration page. Enter your information, including your name,...
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So you can recover the old Google icons | Digital Trends Spanish

Icons are important, they are not just anything. They allow us, for example, to easily recognize a brand, application or service. On many occasions, the level of recognition is so great that a certain affection for a certain icon can emerge. That's why many Google users did not react in the best way when the company decided to change the icons of some of its most popular products, such as Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Drive or Meet. It has been a few weeks since that change, however, many users are still not convinced. For this reason, a group of developers has launched a useful extension that allows you to instantly recover the old (and beloved) Google icons. Is about Restore the old Google icons, whose own creators have defined it as a "stupid and simple Chrome extension". And t...
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Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: which one is right for you? | Digital Trends Spanish

For the past decades, Microsoft Word has been the standard de facto for word processors in the world of work. But that's finally starting to change, and it seems Google Docs is its obvious heir. The Google Docs solution (or to be specific, the built-in word processor) is a cross-platform and interoperable, which is automatically synced, easily shared, and - perhaps best of all - is completely free. However, Google Docs still has a long way to go before it can match all the features of Word. Not for nothing, Microsoft has been developing its word processor for more than 30 years. Will the few obstacles to competition and cross platform functionality be victorious? Let's analyze each processor in terms of features and capabilities to determine which one is best for your needs. H...