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Google Fotos

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All the editing functions of Google Photos | Digital Trends Spanish

The app The Californian company's photography store, which recently lost the benefit of unlimited storage of high-quality photos and videos, is more than a repository of images. What do not you think? We present you the Google Photos editing features. Yes, some of these are exclusive to Google One, the subscription that offers extra storage in Drive, Gmail and Google Photos itself. You may also like: Editing functions of Google Photos Still image There are several still image editing options offered by Google Photos, some of them highlighted (only for users who pay for Google One). To view them, from the app mobile, it is necessary to select a photo and click on Edit on the bottom toolbar. We describe them below. Suggestions To put it quickly, it's the automatic adjustments that G...
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Google Photos put an end to unlimited free storage | Digital Trends Spanish

On June 1, 2021, Google Photos' free high-quality image storage service will no longer be free. This was announced this Wednesday by the technology giant through a statement published in its Blog official. Of course, Google Photos will begin to require payment for storage once more than 15 gigs have been used in the account. The same policy will be used for Google Workspace documents and spreadsheets, which will have the same limit. Google is also introducing a new data deletion policy for inactive accounts that have not been signed in for at least two years. Removing the unlimited backup of “high-quality” photos and videos also destroys one of the service's greatest attractions. It was the only photography platform where you didn't have to worry about the amount of storage you to...
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Google Photos may charge for some editing features | Digital Trends Spanish

If you use Google Photos not only to store your photos, but also to edit them, this interests you. Everything indicates that the next version of the platform will include editing tools premium, to which only those who have a Google One subscription would have access, a service that expands the storage space that each Google account has. According to a report from the site XDA DevelopersIn an analysis of version 5.18 of the photos application, elements were found that indicate that some of the features will be exclusive for subscribers. When a user wants to use any of these restricted tools, one of the following notices will appear, basically inviting them to subscribe to Google One: As a Google One subscriber, you have access to additional editing features. Get additional editing...
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Do you know everything that Google Photos can do with your images? We will tell you!

Since its launch in 2015, Google Photos has been one of the most popular cloud photo storage and backup apps for both iOS and Android, offering not only a historical archive and immediate backup of every shot you take. , but also the ability to immediately free up space on your phone. For this reason, knowing well some of the best tricks to take advantage of Google Photos will be essential. If you have a Google account it will be free, unless your images exceed 16MP resolutions. It also stores HD videos up to 1080p and is compatible with Apple Live Photos. You have the option to make a payment to store high-resolution photos that are larger than 16MP (upon reaching Google Drive's 15GB storage limit), although most photos taken with phones weigh less than that. Google Photos als...