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Google Meet

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Problems with Google Meet? We tell you how to solve them | Digital Trends Spanish

Google Meet is one of the main options when it comes to video conferencing, whether it's for work, or with family and friends. However, like all other platforms of this type, it also has flaws - that is why we are going to present the main ones below. problems with Google Meet and its possible solutions. (Be sure to check out our guide on how to use Google Meet and our article with the best tips and recommendations for this platform.) You will be interested in: These are some problems with Google Meet and their solutions Problem: you can't start or join a meeting If you're having trouble joining an existing Google Meet video meeting or creating a new meeting, first make sure you're signed in with a Google or G Suite account. You can do it by visiting the google website and then clicki...
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Google Meet eliminates video calls without a time limit | Digital Trends Spanish

One of the main features of Google Meet, which gave it a slight advantage over Zoom, was that there was no time limit on group video calls. However, that no longer works and from now on, Google Meet calls from three or more participants are limited to 60 minutes. This time limit is still slightly higher than Zoom, which allows calls of up to 40 minutes when three people (or more) are in a meeting. And in the event that a person requires more time and eliminates that one-hour limit, they will have to go to the cashier and pay for the $ 10 subscription of the service. This subscription is called Google Workspace Individual and it was recently launched by Google, on a limited basis and in five countries: Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan and Mexico. And in addition to the limited...
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Google Meet vs. Zoom: Here’s how the popular video conferencing tools stack up

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.If you're learning or working from home, a video conferencing tool is a must. Two of the best services out there are Google Meet and Zoom. Zoom supports larger meetings, but Google Meet is conveniently packaged with other Google services. ...
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Google Meet adds fun filters to compete with Zoom | Digital Trends Spanish

Quarantines and measures taken to slow the advance of the pandemic have encouraged the use of video meetings and conversations. Thus, in recent months we have seen how the different applications that offer this service have gained popularity among users seeking to communicate in the midst of health restrictions. One of these platforms is Google Meet. The company has responded to those who criticized it for being "too serious" and limited compared to its competitors. Thus, from now on, Google has released an update for its application to make video calls much more pleasant and fun. Add cats, astronauts, jellyfish and more to your Meet calls. New filters, masks and effects are now available for Meet on Android and iOS. Try it today → ...
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Google Meet changes plans on free platform | Digital Trends Spanish

Google announced that its video conferencing app Google Meet will remain free to all users, even after the grace period set in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic expires. Following the high demand for video calling services caused by COVID-19, Google announced in April 2020 that the platform would be free. Until then, Meet was only available to users of G Suite, Google's business platform G For Education, geared towards schools. However, this measure had an expiration date: September 30. Anyway, the timeframe was then seen as adequate for the world to restore normality prior to the pandemic. But contrary to what was projected, teleworking and remote education have not given ground to the risks of contagion and platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, in addition to M...