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These are the alternatives to Google Photos that you should consider | Digital Trends Spanish

Google Photos is a great storage service; In fact, we have explained to you why it is a good idea to pay for a subscription in Google One. However, there is a whole universe beyond Google, and if you are still not convinced by the idea of ​​paying for this service, you will be interested in knowing the other options. These are the best alternatives to Google Photos currently on the market. You will be interested in: Yes. There are alternatives that allow you to reduce the space occupied by the files you have stored in Google Photos. However, these will always be subject to the amount of emails you have in Gmail and the documents in Google Drive, which are also part of the 15 GB free that Google gives you. So if you prefer to keep the two worlds separate - like you used to do before J...
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Which Google One subscription is right for you? | Digital Trends Spanish

If you have a Google Drive account, you should know the differences with Google One; Although the service is not new, the rules of use have changed. Every Google account will continue to receive 15 GB of storage that you can share between Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail. If you need something different, you will have to pay for one Google One subscription, which will bring you great benefits, keep reading, we will explain it to you in detail. You will be interested in: With six subscription tiers to choose from, each with a variety of benefits, things can get confusing pretty quickly. We've done the hard work for you and will explain the costs and benefits associated with each tier, as well as how to get, and how to cancel, a Google One subscription. Is Google One the same as ...
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Google Photos may charge for some editing features | Digital Trends Spanish

If you use Google Photos not only to store your photos, but also to edit them, this interests you. Everything indicates that the next version of the platform will include editing tools premium, to which only those who have a Google One subscription would have access, a service that expands the storage space that each Google account has. According to a report from the site XDA DevelopersIn an analysis of version 5.18 of the photos application, elements were found that indicate that some of the features will be exclusive for subscribers. When a user wants to use any of these restricted tools, one of the following notices will appear, basically inviting them to subscribe to Google One: As a Google One subscriber, you have access to additional editing features. Get additional editing...
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Google will offer a free VPN: so you can get it | Digital Trends Spanish

This year, with more people connecting to the internet from their homes for work purposes, VPNs have become very popular. Today more than ever people have become aware of the need to strengthen security while browsing the Internet and VPNs or Virtual Private Networks have become a useful tool for that purpose. For this reason, from Google they have announced that they will offer a free VPN for their customers who have a Google One account, specifically for those who have the $ 9.99 plan and that allows access to 2TB of cloud storage. At the moment, this free VPN will be available only in the United States, although it will also be available in other regions soon. At the same time, although initially this VPN will be implemented only on Android devices, it should later be available ...