Wednesday, September 29

Government Spending

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McConnell gives’kudos’ to Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary for warning about hyperinflation

McConnell gave former Treasury Sec. Larry Summers "kudos" on Monday for his comments about inflation. Summers, who served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, has repeatedly slammed Biden's spending. Summers continues to forecast dangerously high inflation, but signs point to price growth cooling in June. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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3 fundamental changes from the pandemic economy that could become permanent

Some elements of the pandemic-era economy are likely to stick around well after the recovery. Experts warned the post-crisis economy would be different, and now it's becoming clear how. From remote work to a red-hot housing market, 4 fundamental shifts could be permanent. See more stories on Insider's business page. The post-pandemic economy is taking shape.Fifteen months after the US first plunged into lockdown, the economy is well on its way to a complete reopening. Spending is up, businesses are rehiring, and Americans are — slowly — returning to work. Economists largely agree that economic output will grow at the fastest rate s...