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This way you prevent them from tracking the location of your phone | Digital Trends Spanish

Your phone is probably being tracked right now, even if you have disabled access to your location. This is because the phones reveal personal identifiers to the antennas of the major network operators, in exchange for receiving phone service. For the phone and internet service to work on your cell phone, the network must know your location and identify your device as a paying customer. That is why your data, such as identity and location, are tracked by the phone at all times. As a result, an industry dedicated to collecting data from people has been generated that is largely unregulated, which sells that data to third parties without the consent of users. So far, there was no other option but to accept it, but it could soon be over. A pair of researchers from the University of South...
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SpaceX Launches Satellite for US Space Forces | Digital Trends Spanish

SpaceX has successfully announced the launch of a GPS satellite for the United States Space Forces, which had been powered by Donald Trump during the first years of his tenure. It should be remembered that the announcement of this force was harshly criticized for the excessive economic expense that it would mean in addition to the fact that the United States does not even have its own ship to transport the astronauts. Compared to today's launch, this satellite will provide better navigation capabilities to the United States, as well as better technology to protect against interference. For its launch, the space exploration company used a first-stage Falcon 9, which could be successfully recovered by a controlled landing on its unmanned spacecraft in the Atlantic. At the same time, ...
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11 Fantastic GPS-Based Games (And That Aren’t Pokémon Go) | Digital Trends Spanish

Pokemon go has caused legions of gamers from around the world to get up and explore their surroundings. There's something exciting about this newfound popularity of location-based games, a genre that has been technically possible for several years, but languishing in relative ease until now. The widespread adoption of mobile devices with GPS and powerful processors has allowed developers to explore new types of games that combine the digital and analog worlds. The genre continues to grow, but the enormous popularity of Pokemon go It has already spawned some impressive new titles. Here are the eleven best location-based games for iOS and Android. It will interest you Ingress Prime Pokemon go it didn't come out of nowhere. Developer Niantic (founded in 2020 as a gra...
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How to track a cell phone easily, quickly and safely | Digital Trends Spanish

Your phone is one of your most valuable possessions, and we are not talking about what you paid for it. To say that these rectangular devices contain our entire lives is an understatement. In them we carry photographs, access to accounts and social networks, contacts, documents and all kinds of sensitive information; our digital life is there. That is why it is always useful to know how to track a cell phone quickly, regardless of whether you are an iOS or Android user. These are some of the alternatives. If you have a smartphone, consider installing the apps listed below. There are several options, but you can also configure any localization software that is included from the factory on your device. That includes Find My iPhone from Apple, Find My Device from G...