Monday, September 27

Grace Hopper

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This was the first computer bug recorded in history | Digital Trends Spanish

On September 9, 1947, the first bug in a computer. Today we are used to the existence of bugs, or errors, in any computer program: from operating systems such as Windows to applications for telephones, video games or the website itself. However, the first bug history's computer scientist had to do with exactly what the word bug: in Spanish, a bug. Exactly 74 years ago, someone from a team of scientists at Harvard University in Massachusetts, United States, wrote a note in the use log of the Mark II computer, which was basically a giant calculator. The note in question was very simple and was marked at 3:45 pm: “First real case of a bug found ”, reads the registry, along with a sample of the specimen. What had actually happened is that a moth, a real moth, was inside the Mark II circuit...