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3 robots collided at a UK grocery giant’s warehouse, starting a fire that delayed thousands of orders

UK grocery giant Ocado delayed and canceled orders after a fire broke out at its London warehouse. Three robots had collided, causing the fire, it said. Thousands of robots zoom along a grid at Ocado's automated warehouses, collecting groceries. See more stories on Insider's business page. UK grocery giant Ocado was forced to delay or cancel thousands of orders this weekend after a fire broke at one of its London warehouses, the BBC first reported.The company said in a statement Monday that three of its robots collided.Thousands of robots zoom along a grid at its automated warehouses, collecting groceries and taking them to picking...
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Dollar General plans to hire 50,000 workers in less than 2 months as the labor shortage intensifies and workers rage-quit for better-paying jobs

Dollar General has embarked on a hiring spree to recruit 50,000 workers within a few months. The discount chain is one of many retail businesses to be hard hit by the labor shortage. Some of its store workers have been rage-quitting jobs over working conditions and low pay. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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The price of vending machine food just jumped by a record amount as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and snack brands hike prices

The price of snack food sold in vending machines in the US was up 2.3% between May and June. This is the biggest single-month cost jump on record, according to Axios. Food shortages, the labor shortages, and supply chain snafus are leading to price hikes. See more stories on Insider's business page. Vending machine food prices soared in June.According to the consumer price index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, snack food sold in these machines in the US was up 2.3% last month, the biggest single-month cost jump on record, Axios reported. The cost of eating out was up 0.7% overall.Food shortages, wage hikes, and the ongoing la...
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Biden’s child tax credit checks will boost spending by as much as $200 billion, analysts say, with Amazon, Walmart, and Papa Johns set for big wins

US consumer firms could see a $200 billion boost thanks to child tax credits, Cowen analysts say. Around 39 million households will start receiving up to $300 in monthly checks this Thursday. Stores targeted at lower and middle-income shoppers will see the biggest sales boost, they said. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Sobeys CEO is ready for grocers’ code of conduct

Article content continued“It's a pretty exciting day,” said Michael Graydon, chief executive of Food, Health and Consumer Products of Canada, one of the leading advocates for a grocery code. “I'm just absolutely delighted that he would come out publicly and have that conversation today."Medline, who was once CEO of Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. before joining Empire in 2017, said he finds that grocers and suppliers have “the worst relationship I've ever seen in my couple of decades in retail.”His comments are liable to intensify the debate over an industry code of conduct, which ramped up in July after Walmart Canada imposed a non-negotiable fee on suppliers of up to 6.25 per cent on the cost of goods to help pay for its $3.5-billion infrastructure investment.Manufacturing associations warne...