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Everything you need to know about bees in Minecraft | Digital Trends Spanish

With the arrival of the bees in Minecraft, millions of players now have a way to better understand and love these little insects that do so much for our planet. However, we are talking about a game with complex systems, and it is important that you learn how the buzzers interact with the world. In this guide we will teach you everything you need to know about bees and their use in Minecraft. You will be interested in: How to play the version that includes the bees The bees were added to the Java edition of Minecraft (PC) with update 1.15 and 1.14 to Bedrock edition (consoles and mobiles). Now that may sound complicated, but it's actually really easy to join the Bees update if you're playing on PC. To access the Java Snapshot 19w34a and experience the bees in Mojang's game, all you h...
actualizacion de minecraft, guía de minecraft, Guías, minecraft, Sombreadores en Minecraft, Videojuegos

These are the best shaders in Minecraft and how you should install them | Digital Trends Spanish

In this article we will tell you about shaders Minecraft and how you can install them. Some time ago, Minecraft It was the most talked about video game in the world, and apparently synonymous with the medium itself for many people. With so many people spending so much time on Minecraft –A game focused on creation and personalization– it is not surprising that some of them want to put their stamp on developing their own mods. One of the most popular categories of mods Minecraft it's a type of graphics enhancement called a shader. Just watching the video game running with a shader will give you a good idea of ​​what exactly they do, but most are designed to make the game's water, lighting, and shadows look more realistic and dramatic, unlike other graphic mods. that mo...