Sunday, July 25

Guitarra electrónica

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Boss releases an “electronic guitar”, what does this mean? | Digital Trends Spanish

Effects pedal company Boss revealed its first guitar: the Eurus GS-1. On the outside, it looks like a normal guitar, but on the inside it integrates technology that offers several advanced functions. In that way, it leaves behind the instrument as we know it now. The "electronic guitar" incorporates a polyphonic synthesizer engine that delivers an "astonishing range of analog sounds." This one comes with six onboard memories with ready-to-play sounds and a synth control knob for practical adjustments. According to the company, the device provides a natural tactile response and has no latency or activation issues. In addition to taking advantage of the built-in sounds, a mobile app can be used to customize the synthesizer sounds along with tones, resonance, and other parameters. Th...