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Five reasons to be excited about the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America | Digital Trends Spanish

This June 29 has been the day of the premiere of another service of streaming in the region, one that seeks to attract the attention of Latin Americans at all costs, both with custom plans and with international and local productions. Here, we give you five reasons to get excited about the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America. Before moving on to them, it is convenient to know that the WarnerMedia option already has the platform application ready, with the idea that it can be installed on all types of devices, from mobiles (ios Y Android) to smart displays. You will be interested in: Excitement for the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America 1. A consistent platform Live the entertainment #Maximum as of June 29. #HBOMax & mdash; HBO Max Latin America (@HBOMaxL...
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All streaming services available in Mexico | Digital Trends Spanish

Video-on-demand options are not lacking in the country, so much so that the consultancy The Competitive Intelligence has more than 30, with Netflix at the helm. And because we know that it is impossible - or, at least, very difficult - that someone can pay for all, this article aims to show the best services of streaming available in Mexico. It is not a definitive list, of course. With the intention that anyone find the platform that best meets their entertainment needs, it will be updated later. For now, it goes from the proposal of the company from Los Gatos, California, to Funimation. Today, Abbas Kiarostami's birthday, we invite you to see & # 39; True copy & # 39 ;. Starring Juliette Binoche and William Shimell, this film takes a journey not only through the streets of Italy b...
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We Compare HBO and HBO Max to Help You Decide | Digital Trends Spanish

HBO fans are in luck. Subscribers can watch their favorite shows and movies whether they are sitting in front of their TV or using a mobile device while riding the bus to work. Although HBO used to offer three amazing streaming services, WarnerMedia retired HBO Go on July 31, 2020, following the launch of HBO Max. In turn, HBO Now was simply rebranded as HBO. While viewers will still have the freedom to choose between two streaming services, things will be a bit simpler. With multiple ways to stream HBO's coveted library of original content, there are probably some folks wondering what sets these services apart from each other. HBO Go and HBO Now had a lot of similarities, so WarnerMedia likely chose to withdraw one. However, HBO Max goes beyond the other two by o...