Monday, September 20

hidrógeno líquido

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Hyundai plans to massify its hydrogen cars by 2028 | Digital Trends Spanish

Hyundai has a plan to make its vehicles of the future much more sustainable. And for this, the South Korean manufacturer has announced that in 2028 all its commercial and passenger cars will have versions that use liquid hydrogen as fuel. According to Saehoon kim, executive vice president of Hyundai Motor Group, the company expects that by the end of the decade, in the year 2030, hydrogen-powered vehicles will be priced similar to those of electric vehicles with traditional technology. To do this, Hyundai continues to investigate the use of technology and also announced that in 2023 they intend to launch a new type of hydrogen batteries, corresponding to the third generation of them and that will be present in commercial and passenger vehicles. This battery technology uses liquid hydro...