Sunday, July 25


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Original video of Hindenburg disaster restored with AI | Digital Trends Spanish

The LZ 129 Hindenburg accident, one of the most remembered air tragedies of the 20th century, left 35 people dead and 62 survivors. It happened on May 6, 1937, when the airship was getting ready to land at Lakehurst station, in New Jersey, United States. It was in this place that the ship caught fire completely and in a few seconds it crashed to the ground. The images are shocking: in addition to showing how the Hindenburg burned down, its crew members are seen in a desperate race to escape the fire. For several decades, these were the postcards that served as evidence of the accident, but did not reveal what happened. However, thanks to artificial intelligence, a YouTube channel restored the original footage of the airship fire. The new register has incorporated color, 60 FPS and 4K ...