Sunday, July 25

historia del internet

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The Internet now even knows what breed of dog you are | Digital Trends Spanish

It was another cyberspace. On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog, the cartoon that Peter Steiner published on July 5, 1993 in the magazine The New Yorker, refers to a characteristic that has been eliminated by sophisticated tracking and identification techniques with which, even without knowing something basic like our name, they are capable of creating a sophisticated socioeconomic profile for marketing purposes. Online marketers sum it up in a simple and suggestive phrase: not even your mother knows as much about you as Google. The cartoon has been reproduced ad nausea, and in recent years, adapted to the cultural mass dissemination vehicle par excellence: the meme. Two dogs sitting in front of a computer, one of them with a paw on the keyboard as if he were about to ente...