Tuesday, September 28


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This bridesmaid attended a hologram wedding | Digital Trends Spanish

The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered the plans of many people, including those who were planning to travel or attend events of various kinds, such as ceremonies and concerts. That is the case of Sarah Redington, a London bridesmaid who was invited to the wedding of her best friend, Brittany Smith, in Canada. Due to security protocols, Sarah was unable to travel to the event. However, he wanted to be present in some way at the wedding. So what he did was give his speech in the form of a hologram. Yes, like Princess Leia in Star Wars. In this way, the maid of honor wore an outfit according to the situation, held a glass of champagne and began to broadcast live from London. With the incredibly realistic projection, Sarah was able to deliver the congratulations message to her newlywed frie...