Monday, July 26

Honor Band 6

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Honor Band 6: reasons to consider it (and one not to do it) | Digital Trends Spanish

Since the beginning of 2021, Honor has only been a technology manufacturer, although in its recent equipment, such as cell phones and laptops, the "shelter" that Huawei provided is still present. What about the Honor Band 6? Is it worth considering this smart bracelet as a purchase option in the segment of wearables? After having tried it, we can now comment on some reasons why we should "dress" this device (and what we think it lacked to highlight). You will be interested in: Reasons to consider the Honor Band 6 1. Autonomy HonorOn paper, Honor refers that its Band 6, an attractive combination between a band and a smart watch, offers up to two weeks of autonomy, a time that can vary if it is used at its maximum brightness or physical activities are monitored every day, for example. I...