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A Clubhouse influencer with more than 120,000 followers died less than 2 weeks after being hospitalized with COVID-19

Jin Yu died of COVID-19 less than two weeks after being sent to hospital, his sister said. Yu was a Clubhouse influencer who was cofounder of the 246,000-member "Talk Nerdy to Me" room. His sister posted daily updates of Yu's condition on a GoFundMe site, which hit more than $135,000. LoadingSomething is loading. Jin Yu, a Clubhouse influencer with more than 120,000 follower...
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Aspirin to get COVID-19 patients back? | Digital Trends Spanish

Several studies have shown that almost 80% of patients who die due to COVID-19 have thrombosis or blood clotting in the lungs. A group of researchers believe that blood thinners, such as aspirin, could help prevent this critical clotting that can lead to the death of a person. For this reason, they will begin to give aspirin to patients infected with coronavirus who are recovering in a British hospital, as part of a trial that seeks to determine if this drug can prevent deadly blood clotting in the lungs. If its effectiveness can be proven, it would be the first over-the-counter drug that has actually been shown to have an impact on the coronavirus. "Aspirin is a very available and inexpensive drug, and if it worked, it would be a huge boost for treatment," says Oxford University p...
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Gold mine wastewater to combat COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

They may not look good or look good, but analysis of the wastewater could provide researchers with important information about COVID-19. They can be, for example, a premature indicator of the existence of an outbreak of the disease, as well as provide information on the effectiveness of the adoption of quarantine by a population. "Wastewater is really a gold mine for information," says Jordan Peccia, a Yale professor of chemical and environmental engineering. If researchers can identify traces of COVID-19 in sewage sludge, they may be able to identify outbreaks and better understand how the virus spreads. For scientists, the concentration of COVID-19 RNA per milliliter of sewage sludge can indicate the presence or absence of the disease, as well as the way in which it spreads, eith...
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Flu Vaccine Could Reduce COVID-19 Infection | Digital Trends Spanish

Researchers and medical officials are gathering information in the hope of finding a cure for the coronavirus, or at least an effective way to reduce the risk of infection. We still know little about this new health threat so any discovery may be useful, even if it has not yet been confirmed. Preliminary research suggests that a flu virus vaccine can also cause the body to produce broad molecules that fight infection and the virus causing the pandemic. Mihai Netea, an infectious disease immunologist at Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, checked his hospital databases to see if medical officials who got flu shots during the 2019-2020 season had more or less likely to get SARS-CoV-2. He and his team found that workers who received the flu vaccine were 39 percent le...
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Investigating the first death caused by a cyber attack | Digital Trends Spanish

The University Hospital of Dusseldorf, in Germany, suffered a serious attack of ransomware, which caused the emergency service of the establishment to collapse, according to what was reported by RTL. The authorities of the compound were forced to temporarily close the emergency room, which ended up causing the death of a patient who had to be transferred to another hospital to be treated. She did not reach that health center. The incident originated on September 15, after the attack was originally directed at computers at the Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf. However, it also ended up affecting the clinic's computers, encrypting thirty of its servers, according to what was indicated by the office of the Minister of Justice of North Rhine-Westphalia. Members of the police ma...
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Wearing glasses would reduce the risk of contagion by coronavirus | Digital Trends Spanish

Experts from around the world have been responsible for explaining that there is still very little information about the coronavirus. For this reason, it does not seem strange that theories frequently appear of what elements or actions could increase or reduce the risks of contagion. The most recent one indicates that wearing glasses could reduce the chances of contagion. This is determined by an investigation carried out by Chinese scientists and published in the specialized magazine Jama Ophthalmology. The study analyzed 276 coronavirus patients admitted to the Zengdu hospital in Suizhoy, among whom it was found that the rate of patients with lenses was very low, just 5 percent. Meanwhile, at the population level, that percentage could reach 31 percent. Experts note ...