Tuesday, September 28

Hot Dogs

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Your next Lyft ride could be on the Wienermobile | Digital Trends Spanish

Oscar Mayer is an American sausage company that, in addition to selling its pork and sausage products, created the Wienermobile. It is a car made in 1936 that is shaped like a sausage on a loaf. The Wienermobile, which measures 8.2 m long and 3.4 m high, has been circulating in the United States for more than eight decades, functioning as a particular way of promoting its products. Now if you like hot dogsYou are in the United States and the idea of ​​moving on top of this curious vehicle attracts you, you have an opportunity to do so. The Wienermobile can be used this week in the passenger transport application Lyft. However, this service will be available only in some cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Between Wednesday and Friday of this week, passengers who are in...