Tuesday, September 28

Huawei MateView GT

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Curved monitor vs. flatbed monitor: which one is for you? | Digital Trends Spanish

It will be an interesting duel that of curved monitor vs. flat monitor, but would there be an outright winner? It is best to put them in different circumstances to determine the winner or another result. In the tests carried out for this article, two displays New-generation Huawei: MateView (flat) and MateView GT (curved). You may also like: The MateView GT (here is the full review) has a long form factor (34 inches) and 3K resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels). It integrates a stereo speaker at its base with a touch panel that lets you control the volume of the content, 165 Hz refresh rate, 350 nits brightness, 4,000: 1 contrast for deep blacks and HDMI 2.1 and USB-C ports. The Huawei MateView GT stands out for its large non-linear screen.Its "brother without curves" presents a 28.2-i...
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Huawei MateView GT: productivity and entertainment | Digital Trends Spanish

Huawei MateView GT: productivity and entertainment in large format PVS $ 747.00 "The MateView does represent a good start in monitors by Huawei, especially for the response it offers in video games and streaming content of certain services." Pros Large, curved format Good visual performance Soundbar with clear audio Touch panel to control volume Cons Not so intuitive settings button The arm does not allow the display to be moved sideways Huawei's first curved monitor, called MateView...