Thursday, September 16

hyundai ioniq 5

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The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Robotaxi debuts at Lyft in 2023 | Digital Trends Spanish

When Hyundai showed its new Ioniq 5 electric car at a private event in Miami Beach, I did not imagine that the beautiful hatchback with origami lines, would be the basis of a self-driving taxi, or robotaxiBut that's precisely what was revealed online Tuesday as a hint to its official debut at the 2021 Munich Auto Show next week. Motional, a joint venture created by Hyundai and Aptiv, itself a Dublin-based vehicle connectivity and electrification company, to develop practical solutions in the field of self-driving vehicles, was commissioned to convert to the beautiful Ioniq 5 in a self-driving robotaxi. The real-world deployment of the vehicle that its creators officially refer to as the 'Ioniq 5 Robotaxi', will take place in 2023 initially in the city of Las Vegas through the Lyft ride-...