Tuesday, September 28


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IBM PC: 40 years of the first modern PC in history | Digital Trends Spanish

Let's think for a moment about the following technical specifications: an Intel 8088 processor operating at 4.77 Mhz, 64 kilobytes of RAM, a port for floppy disks of 5.25 inches and an operating system called IBM PC DOS. In practice, these specifications are totally obsolete in 2021; In 1981, they were a top of the line equipment and the first equipment of their new line of PC launched for sale by IBM. The idea of ​​IBM then was, in addition to selling a very capable team for what was necessary at the time, to reach many more people. Until then, the company sold the equipment directly to users, but for the 1982 IBM PC they partnered with large chains so that anyone who passed by a store would see it and be interested in this new era of computing in comfort. of home. The IBM PC was so...