Tuesday, September 28

impacte la Tierra

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They calculate the probability that Bennu hits the Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic and the irreversible effects of climate change, we humans have to add a new concern. It is the asteroid Bennu, considered by experts one of the most dangerous for Earth in the Solar System. Now, a team of NASA scientists has accurately calculated the asteroid's trajectory. According to the researchers, until 2300 the object, 500 meters in diameter, has a probability of 0.057 percent of hitting our planet, that is, one in 1,750. During this period, the most dangerous year is 2182, when the possibility of impact is 1 in 2,700 (0.037 percent). POT.These measurements are based on the data collected by the OSIRIS-Rex probe, and anticipate the passage of the asteroid through the so-called gravitational keyhole, in 2135, when the proximity of the Earth c...