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impresión en 3d

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Amsterdam inaugurates the first 3D printed steel bridge | Digital Trends Spanish

Amsterdam has just opened the world's first 3D printed steel bridge. The surprising structure will also serve as a laboratory for this type of technology, as it will deliver information on its structural integrity and crowd behavior through sensors. The construction of the bridge was led by the Netherlands company, MX3D, and is signed by Imperial College London. The structure is 12 meters long, weighs 4,500 kilos and behind its construction are four industrial robots and six months of printing. All the work took four years for the researchers. Thea van den HeuvelThe bridge was transported last week to its final location on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam and is now open to pedestrians and cyclists. In fact, it was inaugurated by a robot this Thursday, July 15. The open...
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This is by far the smallest boat in the world | Digital Trends Spanish

From bow to stern it measures 30 micrometers, about a third of the thickness of a hair. It is the smallest ship in the world and was 3D printed by Rachel Doherty and Daniela Kraft, investigators from the University of Leiden, Holland. The ship was made with the help of an electron microscope and with a new printer called the Nanoscribe Photonic Professional. The creation was part of a study that addressed the possibilities of printing with synthetic micro swimmers, small particles that move in fluids and that can only be observed with a microscope. The micro boat is called 3DBenchy and it is capable of sailing in water. Daniela Kraft's team also printed spiral-shaped particles, which spin as they are propelled through the fluids. To demonstrate their creation to the world, they ca...