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Infinity Ward

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Video games set in Afghanistan | Digital Trends Spanish

The video game industry may offer us many fictional worlds, but sometimes they show reality, or at least a part of it. An example is the games that include political and military conflicts, from different parts of the world and from different times. The most recognized ones show ancient confrontations, such as the First and Second World War, but there are others that expose more current confrontations. You will be interested in: This is the case of Afghanistan, a country that has made headlines recently after the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul. Without that support, the Taliban defeated the Afghan army and seized control of the government, prompting President Ashraf Ghani to flee. The goal of this al Qaeda-related movement is to apply its interpretation of Islamic Law and exclud...
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Where are the bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone and what is in them | Digital Trends Spanish

As of the May 2020 update of Call of Duty: Warzone, players gained access to the mysterious bunkers that are scattered throughout Verdansk. Bunkers were in the game since it launched Warzone, but it was until that update that we were able to enter them. In total there are 12. In this guide we will explain in detail where the bunkers are located in Call of Duty: Warzone and what can you find inside. For starters, if you approach a bunker door, you won't be able to get in unless you have a red access card, so the first thing to do is get one. The red access card Red Access Card in Warzone? @MrDalekJD # PS4share & mdash; Simon Oliveira (@oFearz) April 29, 2020 You will find the red access cards randomly in the legenda...
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How to get the armor wallet in Call of Duty: Warzone | Digital Trends Spanish

Here we explain all the steps you must follow to get the armor wallet in Call of Duty: Warzone. This title has morphed into one of the best Battle Royale games at the moment, with full cross-platform support and some unique innovations in this format. Among the innovations are contracts that assign you the task of completing a small objective within the map of Warzone to get a reward. For most of the life of WarzoneThe reward for Scavenger contracts - one of the many types of contracts available - was a gas mask, which will allow you to stay out of the ring without taking damage. You can still buy a gas mask at the shopping stations, but Scavenger contracts offer a different reward: a purse (or bag) of armor, which allows you to carry eight armor plates instead of t...
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Warzone: Find the seven pieces of intelligence in the Fractured Mission | Digital Trends Spanish

Call of Duty: Warzone He is in the middle of the fourth season of this saga, where the Battle Royale players commanded by Captain Price must arrive fully on the battlefield and try to be the last one alive along the Verdansk map. In this guide, we will show you the locations of the seven pieces or intelligence documents that exist throughout the mission, along with all the benefits you get by collecting them and thus completing the complex Fractured Mission. Before jumping, it is important to know a few things, such as finding the specific Fractured Mission in the game menu. Be sure to go to Challenges from the main menu, followed by Missions. From here, go to Fractured and look at the first target with a Y or a triangle. You have to see the track before it appears ...