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Toilet turns excrement into energy and virtual money | Digital Trends Spanish

There is a famous video of the children's program 31 Minutes where the character Juan Carlos Bodoque explains the “Route of the Poop”, And explains how human feces follow a path from passing through the toilet to falling into the sewers and sewers. But can you imagine that your excrement becomes money, and especially green energy that can help move the economy? That is what the Korean scientist Cho Jae-weon is achieving, who developed a toilet called Bee-vi that turns waste into methane gas. As it explains Reuters, “The toilet first pumps its feces into an underground tank, which means it uses less water right away compared to a traditional toilet. The microorganisms then break down the waste into methane, a usable energy source. " For example, a human poop in one day could be transfo...
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Smart toilet scans poop for disease | Digital Trends Spanish

A fledgling Israeli company wants to help prevent life-threatening diseases through a device that monitors human waste on a daily basis. Especially the feces. With this they hope to avoid the medical need to collect physical samples - such as urine, blood and the excrement itself - and then analyze them in the laboratory, reported the site Venture Beat. The company is called OutSense and it created a simple IoT (Internet of Things) accessory that clips onto the side of a standard toilet bowl. The device has a multispectral optical sensor, a lighting module and a stand-alone controller with a Wi-Fi receiver. This ensures that the captured data is automatically transferred to the cloud, where OutSense performs real-time analysis and delivers the information to an end-user device or...
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9-year-old boy won NASA space toilet challenge | Digital Trends Spanish

A 9-year-old boy from Malaysia became the winner of the Lunar Loo Challenge, a particular NASA contest to find a new design for space toilets. "Going to the bathroom" in space has become a challenge for NASA and, therefore, has allocated millions of dollars for its manufacture. As it intends to send a manned mission to the Moon in 2024, the special agency needs a suitable solution for astronauts' bodily waste. And it seems that the idea of ​​Zy Shun Kang met the requirements that the US space agency was looking for. The boy's proposal surpassed nearly 900 applications from 85 countries submitted at the junior category. How the space toilet works The third-year elementary school student has designed technology that fits inside a spacesuit, creating a vacuum that sucks up liquid de...