Tuesday, September 28

Intel Arc

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Intel Announces Alder Lake CPUs and Competition for DLSS | Digital Trends Spanish

Intel has finally unveiled its new twelfth generation of processors. This will be called Alder Lake and the novelty is that it will be a hybrid architecture, since it will mix cores for power and cores for efficiency in a single processor. Processors based on Alder lake They will be divided into three categories: desktop computers, more general-purpose or gaming laptops, and ultra-thin, battery-life-oriented laptops. All Alder Lake CPUs will have the same scheme, with cores dedicated to heavier work and others focused on simpler tasks and that do not require too much computing power. At the moment there are no specific details on particular products, but Intel ensures that each category of processors will have their own configuration of cores for both performance (referred to as P cor...
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Intel Arc is Intel’s new video card brand | Digital Trends Spanish

Intel is finally making the leap into the world of dedicated video cards, with first and last names. The company has announced that its line of GPUs will carry the Intel Arc name and that the first product under this brand will be released in the first quarter of 2022. "The Arc brand will cover hardware, software and services," Intel says in your official site, "And will span multiple generations of hardware." The first of those generations is codenamed Alchemist and the DG2 video card - a name that, by the way, will no longer be used - will be the inaugural product after the previous DG1. For now there are not many specifications about future Intel Arc products, but the presentation video already provides some familiar details from the world of video cards: they will be chips for des...