Wednesday, September 29

International Space Station

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Astronaut aboard the ISS reacts to “spiders” | Digital Trends Spanish

Is it possible that the International Space Station (ISS) has spiders floating freely all over the place? Not really. They are only the product of the imagination of one person on board. Megan McArthur, a NASA astronaut who is part of the ISS crew, shared a reflection Thursday on how you can instinctively "see" spiders on any small object. On his Twitter account, McArthur wrote: “Isn't it strange that after 100 days on the Space Station, seeing a little piece of fluff or food floating around, my body keeps reacting like: 'SPIDER!' a split second before my brain can chime in with, “Relax, you're in space, remember? Are there no spiders? Is it weird that after 100 days on @Space_Station, when I see a small piece of lint or food float by, my body still reacts like “SPIDER !!” 🕷a split...
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Russia is set to dock a long-awaited new module to the space station on Thursday

Russia is flying a new science module, called Nauka, to the International Space Station. Nauka is 14 years late, but it brings new science facilities and extra space for Russia's cosmonauts. Nauka is set to dock to the ISS on Thursday morning. Watch NASA's livestream of the maneuver below. LoadingSomething is loading. Russia is finally ready to...
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Boeing will once again try to fly its spaceship to the space station for NASA on Friday, after failing its first attempt

LoadingSomething is loading. On Friday, Boeing's Starliner spaceship will attempt to redeem itself after botching its last major test flight.The company's eventual goal is to fly astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA, the way SpaceX already does. Both companies developed their launch systems through NASA's Commercial Crew Program, a competition that awarded funding to private companies in order to develop new astronaut-rea...