Monday, September 20

Internet de las Cosas

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SpaceX buys satellites for the internet of things | Digital Trends Spanish

Swarm Technologies is a startup that develops minisatellites that it launches into space to distribute the internet to various devices (which is usually known as the internet of things) and that, from now on, is part of another company that also makes satellites but one of the largest: SpaceX. Elon Musk's company has acquired Swarm Technologies, which will now become a subsidiary of SpaceX. According to CNBC, the full price of the operation was not made public but Swarm is valued at $ 85 million. Official documents After the acquisition, they say that SpaceX will now own all of Swarm's technology and patents, including the operation that the latter already has in its more than 120 satellites that orbit the planet. SpacexThese satellites are really small: their size does not exceed 11 c...
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Smart toilet scans poop for disease | Digital Trends Spanish

A fledgling Israeli company wants to help prevent life-threatening diseases through a device that monitors human waste on a daily basis. Especially the feces. With this they hope to avoid the medical need to collect physical samples - such as urine, blood and the excrement itself - and then analyze them in the laboratory, reported the site Venture Beat. The company is called OutSense and it created a simple IoT (Internet of Things) accessory that clips onto the side of a standard toilet bowl. The device has a multispectral optical sensor, a lighting module and a stand-alone controller with a Wi-Fi receiver. This ensures that the captured data is automatically transferred to the cloud, where OutSense performs real-time analysis and delivers the information to an end-user device or...