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This small washing machine removes stains from glasses | Digital Trends Spanish

This is an advertisement that, at least, all of us who wear glasses will notice. Especially to all of us who have trouble getting them clean, and successfully removing their grease stains. Cleaning the lenses can be an arduous task, therefore, an invention aims to leave behind the repetitive action of rubbing a lens with a cloth and proposes an innovative solution. It is a small washing machine in which the glasses can be inserted to clean themselves. The LensHD is an automated cleaning device, which works in a similar way to devices that remove dirt from wireless headphones. How does it work? Inside the LensHD is a set of four soft, blade-shaped sponges wrapped in a microfiber cloth that gently rotate counterclockwise to increase coverage area. The procedure is quite simple and you j...
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This sinister ball tells you how you are going to die | Digital Trends Spanish

For some reason, there are people very interested in knowing how they will cease to exist. Aware of this somewhat morbid concern, a youtuber has decided to create a kind of game that answers that question. Thus was born the Tragic Fate Ball that reveals to the players the way in which, supposedly, they are going to perish. Stuart Gorman has created this device from a large 3D printed billiard ball that changes the number eight on the top for a skull, and other decorative elements. Inside the ball, the youtuber included a special plate attached to a 1.6-inch LCD screen that is permanently attached. "Ignorance is a blessing, are you sure you want to know?" He points to Gorman's toy almost as a warning. Thus, between the response messages, the ball provides some alternatives of how a pers...
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Do you want to lose weight? This invention keeps your mouth shut | Digital Trends Spanish

The world is fighting against the increase in obesity and overweight levels in recent times, which reaches worrying figures. Health authorities have repeatedly warned about this problem, which could be associated with other health problems and aggravate coronavirus infections (obesity is one of the risk factors). Technology can also lend a hand or, in this case, shut a mouth. A group of scientists has developed a particular tool that helps you lose weight. University of Otago.How does it work? This invention, which has been called DentalSlim Diet Control, uses magnets to prevent people from opening their mouths far enough to eat solid foods. Users can open it, but only 2 mm, which makes it impossible for them to be able to chew some products, although they do manage to breathe and pron...
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This mask neutralizes the coronavirus for 30 minutes | Digital Trends Spanish

MOxATech is the name of a new mask - developed by a conglomerate of Portuguese companies and scientific centers - that would have the ability to deactivate the coronavirus. This is stated by the virologist of the Lisbon Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM), Pedro Simas, who worked on the invention. He claims that the coating on the mouthpiece reduces the infectious units of the virus by 99 percent, within 30 minutes. In a statement, the IMM noted that the mask uses an active ingredient that has already been tested by the Institut Pasteur de Lille in France against the H1N1 virus and rotavirus. The company MO - distributor of the mouthguards - explains in its Web page that the products have a four-layer fabric. “They are waterproof and comfortable, for greater ease of ...