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Vaccine Nurse Injected Salt Water To Her Patients | Digital Trends Spanish

Although the effectiveness of vaccines to stop coronavirus infections has been confirmed, there are still many people who are against their administration. The problem is when it is the health officials themselves who act irresponsibly. In Germany, an anti-vaccine nurse has been accused of injecting a saline solution to about 8,600 people, who were supposed to receive an anti-COVID-19 vaccine. According to an article by The Guardian, the woman posted anti-vaccine conspiracy theories on social media while working for the Red Cross in March and April this year. Those affected would be the elderly from the Friesland district, in northern Germany, precisely the segment of the population that is most at risk of suffering a serious infection from COVID-19. For now, the nurse only recognized s...
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What are the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine? | Digital Trends Spanish

More than 43,500 people from six countries have participated in the phase three trials of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer for its coronavirus vaccine. An article from Daily Mail compiles the testimonies of some volunteers who explain what are the main side effects associated with the vaccine. A 45-year-old volunteer noted that the first dose left her with side effects similar to those caused by the flu shot, but that symptoms were more severe after the second dose. Another 44-year-old volunteer claimed that the Pfizer vaccine made him feel like he had a severe hangover, but explained that the symptoms disappeared quickly. A third woman, a publicist from Missouri, said that with the first dose of the vaccine she suffered a headache, fever and discomfort all over her body; however...
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Experts Warn: “Stop Injecting Homemade Vaccines” | Digital Trends Spanish

There are several laboratories around the world that are looking for an effective vaccine to stop the spread of the coronavirus. It has been a meticulous job that includes going through different phases for an eventual approval and distribution. While this is happening, several people have begun to inject home vaccines for COVID-19. Don't do it. Or that is, at least, what the experts say, alarmed by the growing number of irresponsible people who have decided to face the pandemic in their own way. “Stop injecting home-made COVID vaccines. Please don't. They could end up dead, or even worse, ”says the group of scientists through a signed article that appeared in the magazine Science. It is understood that "even worse" would refer to the serious risk of distributing th...