Monday, September 20

iPhone 14

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The iPhone 14 leaks a year in advance | Digital Trends Spanish

The iPhone 13 does not exist yet (although we know that it will exist soon), but on the internet the leak of the supposed iPhone 14 has been advanced by more than a year. The images arrive thanks to Front Tech Page, a YouTube channel and website that has hit home with certain leaks in the past. In this case, what they leaked are renders of the iPhone 14 that will be released in 2022 and that would eliminate the notch of the front of the equipment and that will be replaced by a small hole in which is the front camera of the iPhone 14. Another item removed from the iPhone 14 would be the camera bump. This is because the gear could be a bit thicker, which would make the three-lens array at the rear not stand out from the rest of the gear frame. According to Front Page Tech, the design th...